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Calenzano tourist guide

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The territory of Calenzano is mostly mountainous and it is between the mountains of Calvana and Morello mountain. Mountains predominantly made by chalky rocks. This geological feature along with historical events have affected the conditions, with which men, throughout the ages, have occupied the territory.

The mountainous areas, with the exception of these, they have been forested. They are bare and scarcely populated, because  there is a scarcety of water. The plan is high populated and developped and it is surrounded by hills that offer the typical landscape of the surroundings of Florence and it is rich in woods and olive tree groves, that extended around medieval towers and villas-farms, where, still now, oil and wine are produced, in regard to the classical tradition of florentine hills.

Numerous small villages characterise this territory, thight-knit from the past to roads, that get across this area going up from the plan towards mountain along the rivers Marina (west) and Marinella of Legri (east).

The city center is situated between the hill of Calenzano Alto and the hill of San Donato along the road, known in the past as the road of salt (actually statale 36 Barberinese).

Around the City center, the most important villages are: Settimello, Travalle, Legri, Carraia and Le Croci di Calenzano.

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